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國立臺灣圖書館 National Taiwan Library


Library Tour Application Form

The library welcomes all units to apply for tours. Visiting public and private institutions, organizations, and schools will need to take note of the following:

  1. The library provides guided tours for groups of more than 5 people. Please submit the application 5 days before the tour to facilitate making the relevant arrangements.
  2. Time of Tours: Tuesday to Friday 09:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00 (closed on national holidays).
  3. In order to serve the hearing impaired and individuals with physical disabilities, the library provides sign language guided tours and wheelchair services. Please specify these needs in the Remarks column.
  4. To maintain the quality of reading within the library, daycare centers or kindergartens that want to visit the Family Information Center on their own should call the library’s Family Information Center during opening hours (Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-19:00) 5 days before the tour: 02-2926-6888 ext. 3104 or 02-2926-4075.
  5. Visiting tour groups must comply with the reading rules of the library.
  6. The library can flexibly adjust the appointments based on the nature of the group, and reserves the right to arrange guided tours.
  7. Guide Tours Service Number: 02-2926-6888 ext. 5401 or 02-2926-3381.
  8. Those looking to apply for tours using e-mail or fax should download the Library Tour Application form (ODTDOCXPDF) and then send the completed form by e-mail or fax to 02-2926-1087.

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