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Suggestions Box

(Non-reader comments will not be accepted)

Greetings, dear reader:
You are welcome to use the Suggestions Box. To avoid wasting administrative resources while also protecting the rights of the petitioner, please be sure to read the following instructions carefully and agree to give your consent before writing your suggestion:

  1. Please make sure to fill in your real name and contact information (contact phone number or e-mail address) in the information section as the basis for processing the suggestions.
  2. In response to the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act on October 1, 2012, the information that you fill in will only be used by the handling unit for making contact; the information will not be disclosed to the public or used for other purposes. However, if the content that you have submitted involves the authorities and responsibilities of other units, the content that you have submitted will be transferred to the corresponding unit for processing and responding, based on the statutory responsibilities of the administrative agencies and the professional division of labor. Therefore, your basic personal information (e.g. name, contact number, contact address, e-mail address) will be transferred along with the contents of the e-mail to the responsible unit.
  3. According to the 14th point of the “Guidelines for the Executive Yuan and its Subordinate Agencies for Handling Petition Cases,” a petition case may not be handled if one of the following circumstances occur:
    • Cases without specific content or without real names or contact information.
    • The case has the same reason as other cases and it has already been dealt with appropriately and a clear response has been issued, but repeated petitions are still being made.
    • The competent authority that doesn’t handle petitions has received petitions that have been sent to each competent authority for the same reason.
  4. After the library has received your petition, it will be handled by a case officer and assigned to the relevant authority for processing. You should receive a response within 5 working days after it has been assigned.
  5. The process of the Suggestions Box for the library is as follows:
    • A petition is sent by a reader
    • The system automatically sends a confirmation letter, and readers must click the confirmation letter within 7 days
    • A case officer will then read and assign the petition to the relevant authorities and units for processing
    • Reply to the reader
    • The reader will then fill out the satisfaction questionnaire