Opposites: The Opposing Forces of the Universe

Opposites: The Opposing Forces of the Universe的相關圖片
Opposites: The Opposing Forces of the Universe
Soledad Romero Mariño (Author), Mariona Cabassa (Illustrator)
Schiffer Kids

Everything that exists in the universe has an opposite, and this poetic journey captures the beauty of how none of these opposites remain pure or still!

All opposites are complementary, one could not exist without the other, but opposites mix and blend all the time, and it is from this movement that the world as we know it springs forth in all its multicolored and diverse glory! This window into the opposite and complementary forces of the universe introduces children to naturally occurring phenomena like the moon and sun, the sky and earth, silence and sound, masculine and feminine, and even death and life.

Through lyrical verses and glorious illustrations, each of the 11 pairings is identified. This is followed by an observation to link how they blend and work together, along with a quote from a personality from the world of philosophy, art, literature, or science such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Walt Disney, Rudyard Kipling, L. Frank Baum, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and others. Learning about opposites is foundational to help children develop math, observational, creative-thinking, and language skills. So whether the passionate and free magic of the emotion inside you wins out, or the thinking and precision of reason has you wanting to help solve the mysteries of life, the opposing forces of the universe await!

• A circular die cut on the cover symbolizes the opposing and complementary forces of the universe
• The mix of science, poetry, and art is structured in a way that children will be drawn into these 11 natural opposites that are part of everyday life