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  • sourece:National Taiwan Library
  • Date:2009/11/4

●To Integrate Domestic Taiwan Research Literature Resources

NTL promotes cooperation mechanisms among domestic research units, integrates current domestic research resources, establishes united catalog from all research units, in order to provide efficient and professional services and meet the demands of researchers.

●To Establish a "Taiwan Research Digital Library"

In order to achieve the missions of library to preserve culture and to provide information service efficiently, NTL is actively establishing a ‘Taiwan Research Digital library’. The readers may obtain the worldwide information regarding Taiwan Studies through internet.

●To Enhance Collaboration among Research units

This Establishes strategic alliance across research units such that cross science collaboration from research literature, researcher and research plans, and together can promote ‘research of Taiwan’. It not only facilitates bilateral cooperation, but also implements literature research into Taiwan studies.

●To Support Taiwan History Courses and Teaching services

NTL complies with the current education administration scheme, by using its rich resources as a foundation and collaborating with school teaching Taiwan history activities. Hopefully, through all these support, it can achieve the goal for promoting the Taiwan research and studies.