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Old books

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  • sourece:National Taiwan Library
  • Date:2009/11/4

These mainly consist of out-of-print books from the Imperial Taiwan Library and Southern Archieves Center during the Japanese occupation period. Chinese books consist of local chronicles, interview books, maps, government letters, pedigrees, proses, etc. Such as , Dan Shuei County Governor Office Brief Summary Prints, 12 volumes of Emperor Qiánlóng Taiwan Conquest Prints, Taiwan Panorama Prints by Mr. Liu Shi Chi, Taiwan Tribal Prints, etc. Japanese books are mainly from the Japanese occupation period and from Japan itself. The valuable unpublished manuscripts and transcripts are listed and controlled as ‘classified’ materials. There are a few mimeograph and original government papers, official bulletins, reports, almanac, and business files. There are also travel advertisements, picture books, street maps, etc, such as Taiwan Landscape Outline, Temple Investigation, Taiwan Atlas, Taiwan Governor’s office Official Reports, Taiwan Daily Newspaper, Taiwan Picture Books, etc. Western books are also a very valuable part of the NTL’s collection, such as C.E.S.: t, Verwaaerloofde Formosa, originated from Holland in 1675 and Travel in East India1699 by Germany’s Herport, etc.