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Our library publishes many publications regarding the Taiwan Research field.

Such as The Bibliographic Guide to Taiwan Information, and The Existing Stone Tablets in Taiwan Area,etc.

●Bibliography Catalogs:
We provide catalogs on books, bibliographies, and a data introduction of Taiwan studies for scholars to research and reference, such as The Catalog of Taiwan Information in Japanese , The Catalog of Taiwan Information in Chinese, The Periodical Index on Taiwan Information in NTL, and The Catalog of Taiwan Information ,etc.

Current periodicals related to Taiwan studies are:The Research in Taiwan Studies, which is a bi-annual academic publication. It includes all articles concerning Taiwan research, and special essays, institute introduction, biography, recently published books, etc. ; The Newsletter of Taiwan Studies, which is a fortnightly publication. It includes features ‘Taiwan special report’, ‘Taiwan treasure hunting’, ‘Discovering new Taiwan’, ‘Taiwan teaching material’, etc. We also issues electronic newspapers at the same time to provide Taiwan information more efficiently.