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國立臺灣圖書館 National Taiwan Library


2022 ESG June 24-25,National Taiwan Library (Booth 1013)

  • Date:2022/5/19

At the 2022 ESG Summit, the National Taiwan Library's (NTL) Chung Shan Hall Administration Office in Yangmingshan, together with the Taiwan Studies Research Centre, will take the public on a journey into Taiwan's history and human aesthetics through innovative technology.
The opening ceremony will be held on 24 June at 9am and the public will have the opportunity to experience the aesthetics of Taiwan at the National Taiwan Institute's booth from 24 to 25 June, as well as many fun games and interactive experiences. There will be lots of fun games and interactive experiences for everyone to explore.
In 2017, Chung Shan Hall has adopted the theme of technological innovation and cultural sustainability by taking a bird's-eye view of the beauty of traditional Chinese architecture and creating a 360o panorama for VR.
By scanning the model, you can view areas of the building that are not accessible to you, such as the President's Lounge on the first floor, and the exterior design of the building, all of which can be viewed through a flat panel.
The 5Q-Sentai online board game, featuring dragons, phoenixes, lions, horses, Xie Zhi and Master Sun, has been launched to bring culture to life, bringing it closer to the public in a new and fun way, and demonstrating that technology is a major contributor to cultural sustainability.