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Introduction to the Visual Impairment Information Center

  • Date:2021/11/10

The Visual Impairment Information Center of the library is located on the 1st Floor (on the right after entering through the front entrance), which was established in 1975 and now has a history of over 40 years. Its main services include producing publications and providing library resources on physical and mental disabilities, as well as providing circulation and reference services and conducting diversified lifelong learning courses. In December 2011, the library was designated as a national specialized library for the visually impaired by the Ministry of Education with the important mission of implementing and promoting the integration and application of the digitization of library resources for the visually impaired. On November 28, 2014, the library was expanded as a dedicated library for the implementation and promotion of the “Regulations for Utilizing Digitized Library Resources by People with Disabilities.” In addition to continuing promoting services relevant for the visually impaired, the Visual Impairment Information Center will serve as a referral point for the library’s barrier-free library resource services to assist people with physical and mental disabilities in obtaining and utilizing the library’s services.

Service Hours
Every Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00 (closed on Mondays, Sundays, and national holidays)

Service Subjects
Mainly focusing on special readers (people with visual, auditory, learning, and other reading disabilities) specified in Article 9, Paragraph 1 of the Library Act

Library Card Application
(1)Personal Library Card:
         Anyone who has a disability identification from the Republic of China or proof from a medical institution, schools of all levels, other government agencies or organizations that the individual is incapable of reading library resources documents as specified in the third point of these Guidelines. They must attach a photocopy of the document of (identification), affidavit, and completed application form to apply for the library card for the visually impaired or other special readers (hearing impaired, learning impaired, reading disorders) from the library online, by mail, fax, or in person.
(2)Group Library Card:
          Schools of all levels that have filed a case in accordance with the law for special usage by the visually impaired, the learning impaired, the hearing impaired, or other individuals with disabilities and difficulties in perceiving works may designate one correspondent for the school as a single unit (if there is a change regarding correspondents, the library should be notified to change the relevant information) to submit the application form and the affidavit to apply for the group library card.

Borrowing Library Resources
(1)Type of borrowed resources:
     1.Resources for the visually impaired: Braille resources (braille books, visual & tactile books, e-braille books) and audio books (tapes, MP3 format, DAISY format).
     2.General books, audiovisual resources, and electronic resources in this library can also be borrowed; the borrowing method is handled in accordance with the library’s reading services regulations.
(2)Circulation Services:
     1.Borrowing within the library: Books and resources that are limited to being read within the library should be returned after reading on the same day.
     2.Applying for the library’s external borrowing services: The individual needs to be present or apply by telephone, mail, fax, or online to check out with the library’s individual or group library card. The same applies for renewals, while returns can be processed by mail.
     3.Free shipping services:
       (1)Holders of the library’s library card for the visually impaired: Free shipping services are provided in accordance with Article 35 of the Mail Business Regulations of the Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. and related regulations.
       (2)Holders of the library’s library card for special readers and those who have limited mobility can enjoy free shipping services of library resources in accordance with Article 7 of the Regulations for Utilizing Digitized Library Resources by People with Disabilities.
       (3)Shipping package type: Special postal packages provided by the library are used.

Usage of Space and Facilities

  • The Visual Impairment Information Center of the library is equipped with an audio material reading area, a library resources reading area for the visually impaired, a visual & tactile books area, a computer lab, and a training room.
  • Reading aids for the visually impaired: Braille Computer (with braille displays), portable braille displays, video magnifiers, recorders, and Chinese and English automatic reading machines.
  • The service counter is equipped with “Primo” handheld communicators and iPad communication tablets, the computer lab and other training rooms are equipped with hearing induction loops, and there are barrier-free automatic standing desks in the reading areas to serve readers with various disabilities.

Reference Services

Librarians will answer questions about collections, device borrowing, information systems operation or other related service information.

Service Hotline: 02-2926-1470

Consultation and System Operation E-mail:

Lifelong Learning Promotion Services

The library holds lifelong learning programs from time to time for people with disabilities, which include information courses for the visually impaired, system promotion courses, lecture series, and movie appreciations for the visually impaired, to encourage readers with disabilities to participate in social activities and improve their life information skills.

 [Visual & tactile Menus] Friendly Services for the Visually Impaired

In order to provide a more friendly self-service dining environment for the visually impaired, the library cooperates with neighboring restaurants to provide Visual & tactile menus for the visually impaired. In addition to reading through braille, individuals who are visually impaired can also scan the QR code on the menu through their mobile phones to connect to the library’s “Visual Impairment information System” and the “VIIS Mobile APP” to access the barrier-free online menu. Visually-impaired individuals are welcome to use these services: [Lists of Menus]

Instructions for Using Traffic Guidance to the Library:

  • Bus: Take No. 57, No. 214, No. G2, No. O2, No. B41 and No. 1032 and get off at Yongan Market Station (Zhonghe Road); take No. 1, No. 5, No. 227, 304 (Chongqing Line and Chengde Line), and No. 950 and get off at Yongan Market Station (Yongzhen Road); take No. 5 and get off at Zhong’an Street Station (Zhong’an Street)
  • MRT: Get off at Yongan Market Station on the MRT Orange (Zhonghe-Xinlu) Line.
  • The library provides services such as appointment-based shuttle services and taxi-hailing services according to the individual needs of visually impaired readers, and guides readers in reading library resources or using library equipment for those visiting the library for the first time. Readers who are visually impaired are welcome to use these services!