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Book Donations

  • Date:2021/11/10

Introduction and Principles of Donations

[General Principles of Receiving Donations of Library Resources]

一、In order to enrich the collection and further enhance the features of the library’s collection, the library wholeheartedly welcomes donations of books from all areas. The scope of the donations is based on new books published in the past 5 years (not including special collection resources) and resources related to Taiwan Studies (including Indigenous and local education), Southeast Asian Studies, physical and mental disabilities, special education, and age-specific services.

二、The following library resources are not in the scope of receivable donations:
(一)School textbooks at all levels below (and including) high school and vocational high school level and reference books for further studies and examinations.(二)Computer and tourism library resources that have been published more than 3 years ago.
(三)Scattered single-issue magazines (except for those missing in the library), newspapers, brochures (less than 50 pages), and books promoting religion.
(四)Restricted library resources or materials that include pornography, violence, and other content that isn’t appropriate for readers.
(五)Content that is outdated and has no reference value, or there are new editions of old library resources.
(六)Books with paint, water stains, missing pages, yellowing, dilapidated usage, or incomplete sets of books.
(七)Library resources that violate the Copyright Act.
(八)Audiovisual materials and CDs.
(九)Other materials that do not comply with the collection development policies of the library.

 [Principles for the Donation of Old Collections of Materials on Taiwan]

Materials on Taiwan: publications, research reports, seminar papers, dissertations, local documents, old photos, maps, manuscripts, genealogical records, ancient documents, audio-visual materials, and other historical documents or publications related to Taiwan.

[Principles for Processing Donation of Library Resources]

The library has complete autonomy in handling the donation of library resources, including collecting, phasing out, transferring, displaying or other processing methods.

Donation Method and Correspondent

 [Donation Method]
     1.Please deliver the donated books directly to the round counter in the lobby on the 1st Floor to the volunteers on duty during the opening hours of the library, and please leave your name, address, and other contact information to facilitate the library in sending the letter of appreciation.
     2.Please make the donations by mail:
         No. 85, Zhong’an Street, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City 23574
         Acquisition and Cataloging Division of the National Taiwan Library
     3.If the donated materials are old collections of materials on Taiwan or rare books and periodicals related to Taiwan Studies and reach a certain amount, please contact the book donation case officer (extension 2110) and agree on a time and place to collect the books.


Case Officer: Ms. Lu Pei-Yu
Telephone No.: (02)2926-6888 ext. 2110
Fax No.: (02)2926-5415