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Information Security Policy

  • Date:2021/7/16

Information Security Policy of the National Taiwan Library

We welcome you to the National Taiwan Library. For readers to feel at ease while using the services and information of this library, we would like to use this opportunity to explain the information security policy of this website to protect your rights. Please read the following information carefully:

1. Application Scope of the Information Security Policy

The contents of the information security policy include how the library website protects the information related to the library website. The information security policy only applies to the website of this library; for other linked websites outside the library website, you must refer to the information security policy of the linked websites.

2. Information Security Protection for the Library Website

To protect the security of the information on the library website and to ensure that this website can continue to serve readers 24 hours a day, the library will maintain normal operations of the website using the following methods:
Set up a hardware firewall to block unauthorized and illegal intrusions/attacks from the Internet, protect the security and integrity of the library website’s data, and ensure that readers can enjoy safe and proper network services.

Set up an anti-virus system and regularly scan for viruses to provide readers with a safe Internet-browsing environment.
Carry out information and communication security drills from time to time to simulate hacker attacks and security incidents, and standard operating procedures for system recovery should be followed to restore the system in the least amount of time possible to continue servicing readers.
Automatically receive all security maintenance e-mail notifications issued by relevant operating system or application manufacturers, and automatically update relevant corrections in the least amount of time possible to guarantee the system’s defense against attacks and minimize the chances of being attacked.

3. Amendments to the Information Security Policy

The information security policy of the library website will be revised in response to development trends in technology, amendments to relevant laws and regulations, or other changes in the environment to ensure the information security of users. We welcome readers to visit our website at any time to view the latest version of the policy.

Please feel free to contact the library should you have any questions regarding the information security policy of the “National Taiwan Library Website.”