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The Epoch-Making 50 Years-The Story of Chung Shan Hall

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The Epoch-Making 50 Years-The Story of Chung Shan Hall相關圖片
  • Date:2017/11/29

Yangmingshan was called “Grass Mountain” during Japanese rule. Yangmingshan has long been famous for its sulfur deposits, and settlements were formed because of its hot springs. At the beginning of the Qing dynasty, manufacture of gunpowder was strictly prohibited, and the Kimassauw people, a local aboriginal people, were put in charge of protecting the sulfur deposits until the latter half of the dynasty.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founding father, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, President Chiang Kai-shek and First Lady Soong Mei-ling appointed Ms. Xiu Zelan, Taiwan’s first female architect, to design the Chung Shan Hall.

The construction of this legendary building spanned 13 months. It began in October 1965 and was completed in November 1966. It is the only building in the world built over a sulfur well. Aesthetics of traditional palaces was incorporated into the modern construction techniques. Green tiles, red eaves, and white walls are the fundamental elements of the building, and the surrounding geographical features accentuate the magnificence and elegance of the building.
Over the 50 years of constitutional governance, Chung Shan Hall has witnessed the epoch-making development of Taiwan’s democracy.

After Chung Shan Hall came under the administration of the National Central Library in 2013, the National Central Library started a series of revitalization projects, and in 2017 it has organized the exhibition titled “The Epoch-Making 50 Years-The Story of Yangmingshan Chung Shan Hall”. With augmented reality, virtual reality, and other interactive multimedia technologies, the exhibition will give visitors an opportunity to view Chung Shan Hall through a new lens. With the application of new media and forward-looking technologies, a digitized exhibition platform has been created. With videos, sounds and words, the exhibition offers the visitors a multisensory, immersive, and interactive experience.

We believe “The Epoch-Making 50 Years-The Story of Yangmingshan Chung Shan Hall” will be an unforgettable experience, and the beauty of Chung Shan Hall will leave a deep impression on the visitors.