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Latest news

Taiwan Study Research Grant

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  • sourece:National Taiwan Library
  • Date:2009/11/4

Latest news

Taiwan Study Research Grant

The National Taiwan Library was established in 1914. It was known as Taiwan Imperial Library during the period of Japanese Occupation. It has a history covering 90 years. The library has a reputation for holding a range of Taiwanese materials and information and to that extent the library plays an important role for Taiwan Research.
Based on our Taiwan Information collections, we would like to invite the scholars who are interested in the field of Taiwan studies come to our library to conduct the research. The requirements and restrictions for the application are as follows:

1. National Taiwan Library (abbreviated to NTL) has the following provisions for its “Taiwan Study Research Grant Program for scholars” in order to enhance academic relations with other research organization and universities as well as encouraging foreign and domestic scholars to carryout research upon the subject of Taiwan in our library.

2. This program is designed for foreign as well as domestic professors, associate professors, lecturers and doctoral candidates in departments related to Taiwan studies at foreign universities, as well as for researchers at related foreign academic institutes. The content of the research, to be undertaken in Taiwan, should be within the field of Taiwan studies.

3. A domestic scholar who applies for this grant should have permission from his own organization to use his/her holiday or sabbatical leave to carry out short term research in our library.

4. Assistance provided by the NTL includes subsidies of research expenses, research materials and services, liaison with universities and research institutions, and use of NTL facilities, etc.

5. Research tenure is three months to six months.

6. Applications should submit to the NTL by May 31 of each year before the year in which grants are intended to be used; notification of the NTL’s decision will be given by the end of December of the same year after a careful review. Applications should include the following documents: 1) Application form2) Curriculum Vitae (including a list of publications)3) Research plan4) Letter(s) of recommendation (original signed copy)

7. Grantees are entitled to travel subsidies and research subsidies.

8. The following Subsidies are made available under the Research Grant Program:

1) Travel subsidies: One direct round trip economy class air ticket from the domicile of the grantee to Taipei will be provided by the NTL. Travel expenses will be reimbursed upon the grantee’s arrival in Taiwan on the basis of the ticket stub and receipt. A single Round trip fare is only allowed.

2) Research subsidies: These will be paid at the beginning of each month and divided into four levels: professor, associate professor, lecturer, and doctoral candidate. Any revisions needed are to be approved by NTL committee before proceeding.

3) Grants: Researchers from academic/research institutes will also receive grants according to the above scale. The actual amount of research subsidies will be determined by the NTL and any adjustments to those amounts will be decided upon by the NTL Committee.

4)Insurance:Accidental death, disability insurance and medical treatment for each accident of NT$1,000,000 will be provided for the tenure of the grant.

9. Grantees must sign a contract with the NTL and observe the following regulations:

1) No outside employment will be allowed without the prior approval of the NTL. Concurrent acceptance of a grant from any other organization in the R.O.C. is not permitted.

2) Participation in all scholarly research activities arranged by the NTL is required.

3) All regulations must be observed when using National Taiwan Library facilities.4) A research report or paper must be submitted to the NTL by the end of a grantee’s research tenure.

10. Grantees who fail to observe Article 9 will have their research subsidies terminated by the NTL.

11. Scholars who receive a grant under the Program must wait a minimum of three years after completion of their research projects before applying again.

12. Any additions to the above provisions will be handled and authorized by the relevant NTL committee.

13. These provisions have been approved by the NTL committee and Ministry of Education. Any revisions hereto must be approved by the NTL committee and reported to the Ministry of Education before going into effect.